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"Christmas at the Train Station"

Children and adults enjoyed the first Saturday of "Christmas at the Train Station on Saturday, December 3. Santa and his elf listened as children made their requests.

Bi-Annual HGA meeting

The Historic Georgetown Association will hold its Bi-Annual members meeting on Saturday, December 10 from 11 AM to Noon at Georgetowns Historic First Fire House


At the Train Station and First Fire House Tours on Saturday, August 13th, Carter, Caroline, Luke and Gavin prepare to take their turn on Lil Toot and the HGA Express!

Family Enjoys Lil Toot

Katie Vaughn-Burritt and children, Kylie, Jackson, Scarlet and Lincoln, enjoy their time at the Historic Train Station, First Fire House and especially, Lil Toot and the HGA Express!

Improving the HGA complex

Thanks to the Great job done by A.P. Croll and Sons, the area around Georgetown's First Fire House and our new storage garage is now leveled and stoned. This will improve parking and provide a great location to operate Lil Toot and the HGA Express! Thanks to Gus Croll and Josh Tucker for overseeing this improvement to our complex.

All smiles at the Train Station!

Christmas at the Train Station

Santa and his Elves made their appearances at the Georgetown Train Station on Saturday, December 5th and will be visiting again on Saturday, December 12th and 19th from noon to 2 PM. Everyone is invited to this fun and free event!

Open House - Learn the History of Georgetown

In cooperation with the Georgetown Non-Profit Alliance, the Train Station and 5 other historical sites in Georgetown will be open on the following dates during the Spring and Summer from 10 AM to 2 PM: May 2, June 6, July 11, August 1 and September 5. In addition to the Train Station, come see the Marvel Museum, the World War II Aviation Museum, the Old Courthouse, Masonic Hall and the Treasures of the Sea Museum.

Train Station Old Fire House

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