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HGA honors World War II vet

Howard Horner just turned 94 and received the Bronze Star for his service in WW II. Mr. Horner recently visited the Georgetown train station to take a look at the train display he donated to HGA. HGA honored him with a plaque for his donation and, more importantly, for his service to our nation

First Saturday Museum Tours

The Georgetown Train Station and Georgetown's First Fire House are open the first Saturday of each month from May through September.

HGA Appreciates the support of Karl Haller, Attorney, Georgetown

Karl Haller has consistently supported HGA in all its efforts to make Georgetown a better place to live while preserving its rich history. His donations are appreciated, as well as, his time spent in overseeing Georgetown's First Courthouse located one block from the Circle on South Bedford St.

Open House - Learn the History of Georgetown

In cooperation with the Georgetown Non-Profit Alliance, the Train Station and 5 other historical sites in Georgetown will be open on the following dates during the Spring and Summer from 10 AM to 2 PM: May 2, June 6, July 11, August 1 and September 5. In addition to the Train Station, come see the Marvel Museum, the World War II Aviation Museum, the Old Courthouse, Masonic Hall and the Treasures of the Sea Museum.

Train Station Old Fire House

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