Calhoun Store

This is a 120 year old corner store and academy annex directly across from the train station. We understand this is where the train workers and passengers picked up food and supplies. The downstairs was restored as a neighborhood store of that era while the 2nd floor was redone as a grade school with children’s desks, blackboards, etc.

Calhoun’s Store and Academy Annex plays several major roles in our overall plans for revitalization. One role is what it brings to our educational programs. The second role is the positive effect it will have on encouraging and even inspiring others to participate in our efforts. Lastly it gives hope to two groups – the longtime residents who wish to see their past salvaged and the newcomers who are eagerly searching for a better life.

Railroad Village Square presently consists of the Georgetown Train Station, HGA’s Farmer’s Market and Calhoun’s Old General Store and Academy Annex.